Progressive Rules

Progressive Rules

Progressive Tournament Rules are the same as the Partners Tournament Rules except for
Seating, Movement, Scorecards, & Score keeping.

Progressive Seating:

We will give you a seat and a table number when you register.
(You will NOT keep the same partner the whole tournament like during the Partners Tournament)

Progressive Tournament Movement:  

North  seat will be stationary for entire tournament, if you would like to be a  North Player for the progressive tourney let Maria or I know when you  pick up your scorecard.

South seat will move DOWN one table after each game.

East seat will move UP one table after each game.

West seat will move UP two tables after each game.

(The 2nd Tournament the Movement will be different so you don't get the same players as the night before!!)


You  will keep your own scorecard, and (x) will be placed for Zero, write  your score in for each hand, “1” , “2”, etc. thru 8 hand, then total  score by writing “12”=twelve. Score must be agreed on by both  partners. Keep the same Scorecard for All 12 Games!!

After  each game is over, have one player at the table check your score, sign  your score sheet, and put their "Player Number" next to their initials

***Once scorecard is signed there IS NO CHANGING IT***


If  player going alone makes it, that player will receive 5 points towards  their score, their partner will be awarded 4 points, and loner must be  marked & signed by opposing team. Only in Progressive Tournaments.

We have a stamp this year, call out your loner and your score sheet will be stamped!!

If you get set on a lone hand, opposing team gets 3 points. (Only in Progressive Tournament)  

A 15 minute SMOKERS break will be taken after 6 games, Please do NOT leave table to smoke after each game!!

At the end of the 12 games, please bring your scorecard to scorer’s table, they will be rechecked and your score recorded.  

You may score as many points as possible during the play of 8 hands

If  you would like to get in the Loners Pot, please pay your $1.00 when you  pick up your scorecard at registration table. Loner's Pots are only for  the Progressive Tourneys.

Please Arrive Early to go over Rules & Scoring by Tourney Director

Awards will be given out after the tournament is over and scores checked. We are paying 3 places.

***We  also do dimes for getting euchred, Maria will have rolls of dimes you  can purchase, or bring your own, after the tourney we divide the dimes  up and pay out 2 extra places with the monies received from the  euchres!!***
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