The Chatgamers Euchre Tournaments started in 1999, when we all played  cards at Lycos.com. Four friends were playing cards one night online and  discussed "how cool it would be if we could get together and play cards  in person."  The group elected me (Bill) to set the tournament up and  at that time Candy W. from Ohio co-hosted. We held the first Chatgamers  Tourney in Windsor, Ontario, Canada at a hotel downtown, and 30 players  attended. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to do an annual  tournament. Year number 2 was held in Toledo, Ohio where 116 players  attended. We held a mini tournament in the middle of one year, hence the  reason the annual tourneys seem to be off by one year.

Years 4  & 5, were held in Bowling Green, Ohio at a hotel were we all stayed  and played cards. In the early years we only played for trophies, and  had a Spades, Hearts, & Double Elimination Euchre Tournaments. Years  6-9 were held in Lima, Ohio, and then Candy decided to bow out of  helping with the tournaments.

Maria graciously accepted being the  co-host of the tournaments and we moved them to Michigan. We held our  first Michigan tourney in Monroe, Mi and went from Trophies to paying  Ca$h at the tourneys. After Monroe, we moved closer to Maria's area in  and around Flint, Mi.

We had one at a hotel in Flint, two at the  Croatian Club, 1 at a now closed bowling alley, and the last 3 at B's  Bowling Lanes, where we will continue to have the tourneys each year. We look forward to each Summer Tournament, welcoming many New Players each year, and getting to see our "Old Euchre Friends" again. They are like family to us, many have been to most of our Michigan Tourneys. 

We play a 12 game Progressive Tourney  on Friday Evening, a 12 game Partners Tourney starting at 10:30am on  Saturday Morning, and a 12 game Progressive Tourney on Saturday Night all for $60.00 or $20.00 per Tourney. When you send in your Entrance Form, let Maria know how many Tournaments your interested in Playing in.

Your $60.00 includes:
1.) Entry into all 3 tournaments
2.) Dinner on Saturday afternoon (after the Partners Tournament)
3.) Chips and Snacks during Tournament Play
4.) Coffee & Ice Water

5.) Jello Shots (A Tourney Favorite)

If  you would like to be included on our mailing list, contact one of us  with your email and you will get the Chatgamers Newsletter. We are always welcoming new players, we hope you will consider coming to play  Euchre with All of US!! 
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