Join Us on Friday October 25 & Saturday October 26, 2019

We are meeting again at B's Bowling Alley and Banquet Room. 750 Center Road, Flint, MI.


The Chatgamers Euchre Tournaments started in 1999, when we all played  cards at Lycos.com. Four friends were playing cards one night online and  discussed "how cool it would be if we could get together and play cards  in person."  The group elected me (Bill) to set the tournament up and  at that time Candy W. from Ohio co-hosted. We held the first Chatgamers  Tourney in Windsor, Ontario, Canada at a hotel downtown, and 30 players  attended. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to do an annual  tournament. Year number 2 was held in Toledo, Ohio where 116 players  attended. We held a mini tournament in the middle of one year, hence the  reason the annual tourneys seem to be off by one year.

Years 4  & 5, were held in Bowling Green, Ohio at a hotel were we all stayed  and played cards. In the early years we only played for trophies, and  had a Spades, Hearts, & Double Elimination Euchre Tournaments. Years  6-9 were held in Lima, Ohio, and then Candy decided to bow out of  helping with the tournaments.

Maria graciously accepted being the  co-host of the tournaments and we moved them to Michigan. We held our  first Michigan tourney in Monroe, Mi and went from Trophies to paying  Ca$h at the tourneys. After Monroe, we moved closer to Maria's area in  and around Flint, Mi.

We had one at a hotel in Flint, two at the  Croatian Club, 1 at a now closed bowling alley, and the last 3 at B's  Bowling Lanes, where we will continue to have the tourneys each year. We look forward to each Summer Tournament, welcoming many New Players each year, and getting to see our "Old Euchre Friends" again. They are like family to us, many have been to most of our Michigan Tourneys. 

We play a 12 game Progressive Tourney  on Friday Evening, a 12 game Partners Tourney starting at 10:30am on  Saturday Morning, and a 12 game Progressive Tourney on Saturday Night all for $60.00 or $20.00 per Tourney. When you send in your Entrance Form, let Maria know how many Tournaments your interested in Playing in.

Your $60.00 includes:
1.) Entry into all 3 tournaments
2.) Dinner on Saturday afternoon (after the Partners Tournament)
3.) Chips and Snacks during Tournament Play
4.) Coffee & Ice Water

5.) Jello Shots (A Tourney Favorite)

If  you would like to be included on our mailing list, contact one of us  with your email and you will get the Chatgamers Newsletter. We are always welcoming new players, we hope you will consider coming to play  Euchre with All of US!! 

Tournament Information

4th Annual Chatgamers Halloween Euchre Tournaments

When: Friday October 25, & Saturday October 26, 2019 Where: B's Bowling Center & Lounge, 750 S. Center Rd. Flint, MI 48506 Tournaments: October 25, 2019 – 12 Game Progressive (6:00 p.m.) (Registration Begins @ 4 p.m.) (Rules @ 5:30 p.m.) (Paying 3 Places) When Tourney is over we will have the Payouts and Pictures. Saturday October 26, 2019 - 12 Game Partners (10:30 a.m.) (Registration @ 9: 30 a.m.) (Rules @ 10:00 a.m.) (Paying 3 Places)(4 Places with 100 Players) DINNER: after the SATURDAY Partners Tourney (We will have it catered this year) We will eat close to 4:00 p.m. Saturday: October 26, 2019 – 12 Game Progressive (Immediately after Dinner) (Paying 3 Places)(Paying 4 Places with 100 Players) Payouts and Awards after Saturday Tournament. Cost: $60.00 for Entire Weekend - $20.00 Per Tourney, Play 1, 2, or all 3 3 Ways to Pay: Pay entire $60.00 anytime by October 20, 2019 **Unless you make special arrangements with Maria** Pay $20 per tournament, play 1, 2, or all 3!! Let Us know when you sign up how many tournaments you will be playing in. We want even tables. Please Send Entrance Letter and Fees to: Maria Piotraczk, 1309 W. Maple Ave. Flint, MI 48507 Maria will contact you to let you know she received your entrance fee. You may send Check, Money Order, or Cashier’s Check written out to MARIA PIOTRACZK….NOT CHATGAMERS…Thank You!! Your $60.00 goes towards: 1.) Paying for tournament facility rental & expenses 2,) Snacks during tournament play 3.) Cash Payouts for Tournaments 4.) Coffee & Breakfast Items on Saturday Morning 5.) Dinner on Saturday immediately after the Partners Tourney 6.) Jello and Pudding Shots 7.) Chips and Snacks during play We will have a catered Dinner: Menu to be determined closer to tournament. Hotel Information: We suggest 3 Hotels, contact them for rates. Here are our suggestions: 1.) The Burton Inn Suites – Formerly Super 8 (1343 S. Center Road, Burton, Michigan 48509) (810-743-8850) Request 1st Floor, No Elevator, Free Continental Breakfast Approximately 1 Mile from B’s Bowling & Tournament 2.) Holiday Inn Express (1150 Robert T. Longway Blvd. – Flint, MI 48503) (810-238-7744) Free Hot Breakfast – Tables in Lobby for playing cards!! Approximately 3.9 Miles to Tournament 3.) Quality Inn & Suites – (2361 Austins Parkway – Flint, MI 48507) (810-232-4222) Request 1st Floor – No Elevators – Tables for Card Play in Lobby Free Hot Breakfast Approximately 6.6 Miles to Tournament There will be a 50/50 Drawing per Tournament. Euchre Money Drawings (2 for each tourney). ***BRING DIMES FOR EUCHRES*** We also will have a Drawing per tournament for a Lottery Basket. B’s Bowling Alley: Large Room to hold tournaments (We can seat 100) The bowling lanes will operate a CA$H BAR. Tourney Room is NON-SMOKING, we will take designated Smoker Breaks during each tournament for those that smoke. Tournament Co-Hosts & Contact Information: Maria Piotraczk – maria71055@yahoo.com Call if you have questions or need more information: (810) 240-6338 Bill Doering – photobrat08@gmail.com We have a Fun Tournament, we hope you will consider joining us!!!

Partners Rules

Partners Rules

OFFICIAL RULES AND REGULATIONS – Chatgamers Euchre Tourneys - 12 Games

The Deal
Deal  cards face up until a player receives any Jack, that player becomes the  dealer, deal proceeds clockwise. Cards must be properly shuffled. The  deck is then offered for a "cut" to the player seated to the RIGHT. A  cut card is provided and must be used to cover the bottom card of the  deck during dealing. Cards may be dealt in groups of 2's and 3', or 1 at  a time. It is always Dealer's choice as to the preference of deal  style; however, that person's deal style must be maintained during the  round. If four passes occur, a second round of bidding commences. If  passed by everyone else then the "Stick the Dealer" rule does apply!

The  turned down card is placed face up at the bottom of the deck, so  everyone can see what was turned down, the slide under deck when trump  is called. COUNT YOUR CARDS!


The  ONLY LANGUAGE which is allowed during the bidding is: "PASS", "PICK IT  UP", or ALONE. The bidder may not use descriptive phrases that give  clues such as "Let's try clubs", "I think I can", and so on. A warning  is given (for the first time), and then for subsequent offenses, the  offending team loses its right to bid and the non offending team is  awarded two points.

On 2nd round  bidding, the bidder must state their intentions by saying the name of  the suit (The turned down suit cannot be called). Another player may  request (order) the dealer to pick up the up card with any holding. A  "NATURAL TRUMP" is NOT required. The dealer's partner may tell his  partner to "Pick it up" and will NOT be required to go alone.


A  team declaring a Loner must clearly state this intention by saying  "ALONE", "I'm going alone" or "Stay Home". Please do not use phrases  such as "I'm trying it", or "Sit this one out, partner", "It's all  mine," etc. When a player declares a Loner, his/her partner MUST drop  their hand, face down on the table, in the MIDDLE position, (not to  their left or right side). The partner is not allowed to look at the  kitty during a loner attempt.
"Defensive loners" (bidding a Loner of your own against the opponents' Loner) are NOT allowed.

Cards are NOT to be tossed to the middle of the table!! Instead, each player makes  their play by placing a card in front of them on the table. ( Form a "  square ") Then each person pushes their card to the winner of each  trick. The person winning the trick neatly puts it face down in their  area. The person that takes the trick must retrieve the trick and store  it in front of them.

DO NOT push a  trick that you have taken to your partner for storage so the tricks  will be all together. Each player must rake in their own trick! This  must be done to enable the director to prove a renege! (The trick in  front of you will be evidence to what suite you trumped)

If a team member bids alone, his partner may retrieve the tricks.

TRAMMING (claiming multiple winning cards in your hand at once) is NOT allowed! Cards must be played completely out!

A card laid is a card played


You  cannot ask "What is Trump"? The dealer will have a trump cube, and once  trump is named by anyone, the dealer will discard and turn the cube to  the appropriate suit and place it on top of the kitty. When the hand is  over, the cube is then passed to the next dealer.


* If the bidding team takes at least 3 tricks in a hand they shall receive 1 point.

* If the bidding team takes all 5 tricks they will receive 2 points.

* If one team member goes alone and takes all 5 tricks, that team shall receive 4 points.

 *If a team member goes alone and takes 3 or 4 tricks, that team shall receive 1 point.

* If bidding team fails to take 3 tricks (Euchred) the opposing team receives 2 points.

* If bidding team is Euchred on a lone hand, the opposing team receives 2 points.

* The first team reaching a score of 10 points wins. A total of 13 points per game is possible.


DO NOT make your own Rulings!

Please call the Tournament Director (TD)(Bill)

RENEGE: - There are no exceptions to the Ruling for a Renege! Loss of bid and the non offending team is awarded two points.

RENEGE AGAINST a LONER: - the side which declares the loner, will score four points. If the  declaring team reneges, the non offending team is awarded two points.

BID OUT OF TURN: -  Loss of bid and the non offending team is awarded two points. The non  offending team may void the out of turn bid and play alone if they wish,  but do so at their teams risk.

LEAD OUT OF TURN: - Loss of bid and the non offending team is awarded two points. (4 points if on a lone call)

Partner’s Seating:
North  and South Players will remain seated at same table for all 12 games  during both Tournaments. East and West Players will move up one table at  the end of each game.

Partners Scoring:
12 Official Score Sheets (2 Sets of 6 Colored Sheets) will be supplied to each of the N/S teams. A new Score Sheet will be used for each ROUND of the Partners Tournament. ONLY The North/South Colored Score Sheets get turned in,  the Northern Player will keep score for both teams, make sure after  each hand that the score is correct, only that sheet will be turned in  to the Scores table with the signature of both Team Captains.

Partners  must agree on the SCORE before signing the score sheet. Once the Score  Sheets are signed and turned in the score cannot be changed. Draw a line  thru the remaining numbers on the card, as to not be circled on way to  table.  (x) out each hand that is played on bottom of score sheet up to  16 Hands. If both teams are tied after 16 hands are played, play one  more hand to determine a winner.

Return the North/South Colored Score Sheets (Round 1, Round 2, and so on) to the Appropriate (Round 1, Round 2,  etc) Box at Scorer’s table. The results will then be posted to the  Chatgamers Tournament Master Chart.

Partners Pay Outs:
Places  are paid by Most Wins/Losses First. If two teams tie (ex. Two teams are  9-3 after 12 games) Most Points earned will break tie. (You can go  alone on 9, for a possible 13 points) If the teams are still tied ( ex. 10-2 & same points) the 1st & 2nd Place Prize Monies will be combined and split. If 2nd & 3rd Place tie same rules apply. We are Paying 3 Places.  

Please Do Not Leave Tourney Room after your game is over to smoke,

a 15 minute break will be taken after the 6th game!!

 ***We also will be using dimes for euchres, after tourney is over will count the dimes and divide them for 2 extra drawings.*** Maria will have dimes to sell $5.00 a roll. *

Progressive Rules

Progressive Rules

Progressive Tournament Rules are the same as the Partners Tournament Rules except for
Seating, Movement, Scorecards, & Score keeping.

Progressive Seating:

We will give you a seat and a table number when you register.
(You will NOT keep the same partner the whole tournament like during the Partners Tournament)

Progressive Tournament Movement:  

North  seat will be stationary for entire tournament, if you would like to be a  North Player for the progressive tourney let Maria or I know when you  pick up your scorecard.

South seat will move DOWN one table after each game.

East seat will move UP one table after each game.

West seat will move UP two tables after each game.

(The 2nd Tournament the Movement will be different so you don't get the same players as the night before!!)


You  will keep your own scorecard, and (x) will be placed for Zero, write  your score in for each hand, “1” , “2”, etc. thru 8 hand, then total  score by writing “12”=twelve. Score must be agreed on by both  partners. Keep the same Scorecard for All 12 Games!!

After  each game is over, have one player at the table check your score, sign  your score sheet, and put their "Player Number" next to their initials

***Once scorecard is signed there IS NO CHANGING IT***


If  player going alone makes it, that player will receive 5 points towards  their score, their partner will be awarded 4 points, and loner must be  marked & signed by opposing team. Only in Progressive Tournaments.

We have a stamp this year, call out your loner and your score sheet will be stamped!!

If you get set on a lone hand, opposing team gets 3 points. (Only in Progressive Tournament)  

A 15 minute SMOKERS break will be taken after 6 games, Please do NOT leave table to smoke after each game!!

At the end of the 12 games, please bring your scorecard to scorer’s table, they will be rechecked and your score recorded.  

You may score as many points as possible during the play of 8 hands

If  you would like to get in the Loners Pot, please pay your $1.00 when you  pick up your scorecard at registration table. Loner's Pots are only for  the Progressive Tourneys.

Please Arrive Early to go over Rules & Scoring by Tourney Director

Awards will be given out after the tournament is over and scores checked. We are paying 3 places.

***We  also do dimes for getting euchred, Maria will have rolls of dimes you  can purchase, or bring your own, after the tourney we divide the dimes  up and pay out 2 extra places with the monies received from the  euchres!!***


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Web Links
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Our Email Addresses

Our Email Addresses
To Contact Maria: maria71055@yahoo.com

To Contact Bill: photobrat08@gmail.com

Our Email: chatgamers2017@yahoo.com

If you have any questions we are always willing to help out, we will be sending out the hotel info closer to the Tournaments. 

Players Entrance Letter

Friday October 25, 2019 & Saturday October 26, 2019

Players Name:_________________________________________________
Players Address:_______________________________________________
Players Phone: __________________________________________________
Email Address:__________________________________________________
Partners Name:__________________________________________________
Pay entire $60.00 anytime
Pay $20 Per Tournament; Let Maria know how many tournaments you will be in, 1, 2, or 3!!
We have room for 100 Players; send your money in Early!!
Cost: $60.00 Entrance Fee per Player Attending
Mail: (Check, Money Order, or Cashier’s Check)

Please make out to Maria Piotraczk, instead of Chatgamers
Send Entrance Letter & Fees to:
 Maria Piotraczk, 1309 W. Maple Ave.  Flint, MI 48507
(Maria will send you an email, when she receives your money!)
 If you need a partner, let us know and we will try to find you one, or match you up with another single player.
 Maria Piotraczk – maria71055@yahoo.com
Call Maria if you have questions or need more information: 1-810-240-6338

Bill Doering – photobrat08@gmail.com

New Email Address: chatgamers2017@yahoo.com

Hotels for Tournaments

Hotels for Tournaments
We suggest 3 Hotels in the Flint Area to reserve for our Tournament - Here are our Choices!!

1.) The Burton Inn Suites – Formerly Super 8 (1343 S. Center Road, Burton, Michigan 48509) (810-743-8850­)
Request 1st Floor, No Elevator, Free Continental Breakfast
Approximately 1 Mile from B’s Bowling & Tournament
2.) Holiday Inn Express (1150 Robert T. Longway Blvd. – Flint, MI 48503) (810-238-7744)
Free Hot Breakfast
Tables in Lobby for playing cards!!
Approximately 3.9 Miles to Tournament
3.) Quality Inn & Suites – (2361 Austins Parkway – Flint, MI 48507) (810-232-4222)
Request 1st Floor – No Elevators – Tables for Card Play in Lobby
Free Hot Breakfast
Approximately 6.6 Miles to Tournament
 Tournament Held at B’s Bowling Lanes
  750 S. Center Road Flint, MI 48506             (810-743-7570)
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